Turbo Machining and Fabrication

We have a dedicated manufacturing facility in a large 5000 sq. ft factory unit which includes full in-house machine shop along with precision fabrication facilities, allowing us to offer a full range of turbo machining and fabrication services. Such services include compressor cover and turbine housing machining, precision honing, precision grinding, ported shroud compressor housing conversions (where applicable), twin seal conversions as well as the manufacturing and fitting of Group A and Group N restrictors. We also offer both MIG & TIG welding services for turbo repair works to cast manifolds plus turbine and compressor housings.

Our Machining Services

• Compressor cover and turbine housing machining
• Precision grinding
• Precision honing
• Twin seal conversions
• Ported shroud compressor housing conversions
• Manufacture and fitting of Group N and Group A restrictors

Precision Honing

We have in-house facilities for precision honing of turbocharger bearing housings to allow the fitment of oversize bearings if required. 

Precision Grinding

We also have precision grinding facilities and can offer grinding services for turbochargers. The most common conversion here is ‘Clipping’ or ‘Cut back’ of the turbine wheel blades.

Precision Fabrication

We have the facilities in-house to be able to fabricate small, bespoke turbocharger components to suit most requirements, examples of these parts include bespoke actuator brackets.