Why Ceramic Coat Your Turbo?

Zircotec Ceramic Coating

We offer proven Formula One Zircotec Ceramic Coating technology for all turbochargers & turbo related components.

Heat transfer from the exhaust can be one of the most damaging environmental factors for cars and motorcycles. It can reduce component reliability, damage expensive finishes, reduce performance and create safety issues. Traditional solutions such as exhaust insulation wrap and turbo blankets may add their own problems, including reduced airflow, the need for more under bonnet space and increased maintenance, yet with today’s exceptional temperatures they may still not be able to deliver a complete reprieve from thermal radiation and thats where Zircotec’s Ceramic Coating comes into play.

The Zircotec process solves these problems with an exceptionally high performance ceramic thermal barrier that is compact, lightweight and far more durable than any other current competitor technology. The technique has a vast range of potential applications, from Formula One to road cars and bikes, and has been proven for over twenty years of use with the world’s most successful motorsport teams.

10 Benefits From Ceramic Coating

  • Increase engine performance by reducing air intake temperature
  • Reduce ‘turbo lag’ or ‘spool’ time by keeping the turbine inlet gases hot
  • Reduce or eliminate fuel vaporisation
  • Enhance reliability through reduced under-bonnet temperatures
  • Protect heat sensitive components
  • Improve packaging and airflow by eliminating thermal wrap
  • Keep drivers alert and passengers comfortable by reducing cockpit temperatures
  • Improve safety by reducing fire risk
  • Tests have proved that Zircotec thermal barriers can reduce under bonnet temperatures by up to 30ºC lower intake air temperatures
  • Can lead to power improvements of up to six percent (6%)